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Talent first:
Talent first is the basic factor of Huaer company culture. Company does not only provide  chance of career development, but also serve people and bring benefit to society by the value created from products and service. Company¡¯s culture of talent first set up the final goal of  existence and development that respecting talent¡¯s value, achieving talent¡¯s value and keeping talent first in mind during the process of improve talent¡¯s value.
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    Cargo truck        DUMP TRUCK/TIP...   
    Stake truck        Panelvan   
    ALL-WHEEL DRIV...        Covered truck...   
    Concrete mixer...        powder materia...   
    spare parts        garbage pressu...   
    tanker truck        WATER TANKER   


    Our company is expanding because of the scale, the need to move the following: Sales: Open-men and women, aged around 30 years old, secondary or higher, with strong language skills and communication skills, to travel, can withstand the strong work Pressure, trucks or engaged in construction machinery sales, a driving experience is preferred, salary negotiable.

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