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  Specific configuration:
     1. HOWO tractor 6 * 4, color: HOWO green: 1, configuration: 371 horsepower China Heavy Duty Truck Engine II States, the topping-out single bed, HW9 file boxes, HOWO Bridge, 12.00R20 tire, 90 , Fans silicone oil, electricity and air heating systems, metal tube.
     Explosion special price: 260,000 yuan / Taiwan (including the cost of licensing)

     2. HOWO Dump Truck 6 * 4, color: red, number: 4, configuration: 336 horsepower China Heavy Duty Truck Engine II States, the topping-out single bed, HW9 file boxes, 12.00R20 tire, HC16 rear axle, oil Fans, ABS systems. Coat: 5800 * 2300 * 1400, while 8 at the end of 4, the former top-lifting Hayward, surrounded by floor heating.
      Explosion special price: 284,200 yuan / Taiwan

     3. HOWO tractor 6 * 4, color: red, number: 1, configuration: 336 horsepower China Heavy Duty Truck Engine II States, high-top twin, HW9 file boxes, 11.00R20 tire, 90, air-conditioning, Sri Lanka Blantyre Bridge, 4.42 ratio, high bumper.
      Explosion special price: 255,000 yuan / Taiwan (including the cost of licensing)
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After soaring international oil price shock may consider domestic oil
Squeeze inside and outside, whether or not oil prices rose up »

May 28, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao chaired a State Council executive meeting on the deployment of the current oil and gas transport and coal-fired electricity supply of agricultural materials, the meeting stressed the need to guide the rational energy consumption, curb irrational demand. "Grasping hand unabated earthquake relief, firmly grasping the primary economic development." Wen said.

In fact, according to sources, as early as May 21 at the State Council executive meeting on how to control the domestic prices of various types of important materials on the issue has become a major topic. The meeting pointed out: in the present Sichuan experienced eight major earthquakes and other special background, my focus for the material can not always control prices, should stabilize prices to curb excessive growth of the direction of change. Among them, to focus on refined oil supplies to the price of goods of particular concern, also urged the future price movements to make timely analysis and forecasts.

"This means that the State Council, China is gradually opening up of refined oil price control." According to the analysis, from the current market environment, the policy context of the transformation indicates refined oil price hike has been fully open space.

It seems that the people, the current distance "12" has been Bangeduoyue, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council at the moment of thinking is gradually changing. Restore economic order and how to achieve a primary topic of post-disaster reconstruction.

Reconstruction of finished oil products has tremendous demand. After the earthquake, the Lanzhou-Chengdu-Chongqing oil pipelines damaged, as well as helicopters and other transportation equipment frequently unconventional Ruchuan, leading to a serious shortage of Sichuan various types of oil. Post-disaster first two days, on emergency oil from China, Gansu, Shaanxi, Chongqing, and other neighbouring provinces transferred oil Ruchuan. Among them, the vast majority of oil in the rail lines (Baoji - Chengdu line) after the interruption, with Cao Guanche Fanyue Qinling Mountains, the road transportation of a thousand miles.

In Qingyang City, Gansu Province, local overnight from Qingyang Petrochemical Company Chouzou 40 Ruchuan diesel vehicles, resulting in the local oil supply extremely tense. Many vehicles queuing refueling history, a large number of gas stations simply Lazha electricity, no oil can be claimed that foreign sales. Qingyang is not the only, the Butterfly Effect lead over the western region of refined oil supply tight.

"From the May 21 meeting at the contents of the State Council, China on the issue of oil is seeking solutions." Wu Jian-Dong energy expert analysis, the Government is trying to change blindly control strategy. "From the context, stressed that before the 'double-' to price stability, price changes to curb excessive growth, the next step to increase oil prices to stay the operation of adequate space." Wu Jian-Dong said, and a delicate Changes, the Government began to focus on commodity price movements early warning signal, suggesting that time has come to rising prices.
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