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  I am part of the companys existing best-selling vehicle in special! !

  Specific configuration:
     1. HOWO tractor 6 * 4, color: HOWO green: 1, configuration: 371 horsepower China Heavy Duty Truck Engine II States, the topping-out single bed, HW9 file boxes, HOWO Bridge, 12.00R20 tire, 90 , Fans silicone oil, electricity and air heating systems, metal tube.
     Explosion special price: 260,000 yuan / Taiwan (including the cost of licensing)

     2. HOWO Dump Truck 6 * 4, color: red, number: 4, configuration: 336 horsepower China Heavy Duty Truck Engine II States, the topping-out single bed, HW9 file boxes, 12.00R20 tire, HC16 rear axle, oil Fans, ABS systems. Coat: 5800 * 2300 * 1400, while 8 at the end of 4, the former top-lifting Hayward, surrounded by floor heating.
      Explosion special price: 284,200 yuan / Taiwan

     3. HOWO tractor 6 * 4, color: red, number: 1, configuration: 336 horsepower China Heavy Duty Truck Engine II States, high-top twin, HW9 file boxes, 11.00R20 tire, 90, air-conditioning, Sri Lanka Blantyre Bridge, 4.42 ratio, high bumper.
      Explosion special price: 255,000 yuan / Taiwan (including the cost of licensing)
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HOVA (Hova) west of Mine Dump Truck Show Xiongzi
"Yishantianhai, Hova Dangxian", March 18-April 14, China Zhongqijituan Jinan vehicles Limited to a heavy fist, HOVA (Hova) Mine Dump Truck new products, in China's southwest Northwest and an exhibition Xiongzi.
     Tour has reached the ranks of Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan Province focus on their area of opencast mine, iron ore, molybdenum ore, Bauxite Mine, hydropower projects, went one after another test users Drive (trial), and participated in numerous seminars. HOVA (Hova) Mine Dump Truck with a unique style and excellent cost-effective to the user left a profound impression, Luan River County in Henan Province, some users see the Mine Dump Truck, tripled the number of cars on board Were not enough to see under and immediately bought that car exhibition in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia, more traffic police Lanche, the Xiaohe He asked the price and allocation of vehicles, origin, product characteristics.
     Tour itinerary nearly 20,000 kilometers, through outreach in the provinces, and spread Zhongqijituan brand in China, China's heavy truck transmission of independent innovation, the upgrading of the Chinese people's pride. Users have exclaimed: This is the real Mine Dump Truck, we saw a foreign products, to see this finally made its own, is not worse than abroad!
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