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Name: Gold prince 8×4 Mixer Item No.:
Type: Concrete mixer truck Order Online: Order Online
Electric control Euro Ⅲ engine
Electric control EGR Euro Ⅲ engine is developed on the base of sucessfully developed high-pressure and common-rail Euro Ⅲ engine,it adopts the electric control Euro technology, which is of the elextric control in-line pump fuel injection system and cooling system ,to fully meet the standard of Euro Ⅲ.The SINOTRUK possesses the core technology and proprietary intellectual property rights to match the  SINOTRUK engine.
Good power performance and low fuel consumption .
Both fuel injection system and EGR system  and EGR system adopt ECU electric control, which can flexibly control the fuel injection pressure , fuel quantity and time so that the displacement, power and fuel consumption of the engine can reach to optimum matching. Simultaneously, the whole vehicle realize good power performance and low fuel consumption.
Good fuel adaptivity
This is to meet the fundamental realities of the country of China ,it can reduce the expense of the maintenance, so as to reduce the use-cost.
Because of the good components commonality, the components supply is sufficient ,the components are at a low price and the maintence is convenient .More than 1000 SINOTRUK service stations all can provide the excellent vehicle maintence  and technology service.The components of the SINOTRUK EGR Euro Ⅲ engine and EuroⅡ are interchangeable, then the  maintence waiting time and the maintence cost can be largely reduced.
Good cost performance of the SINOTRUK  electric control EGR engine can lower the price of the whole vehicle than the other models.
Electric control system is of perfect limp home function this can keep the vehicle running until the service station when the system goes wrong, and then reduce the risk of anchor.
SINOTRUK  electric control EGR Euro Ⅲ technology is of sophisticated application and high reliability .
Electric control common-rail Euro Ⅲ engine
This is developed by SINOTRUK and RICARDO company from England ,electric control high-pressure common-rail injection system match with the new supercharge and fuel system; New model rod tile and mainshaft tile.It is of high reliability, low oil consumption and low displacement.
This series of truck adopts cab with MAN-L2000 technology with domestic leading sealability,which can reduce the dust and noise; Increase the AC efficiency providing you with a fresh driving environment .Front and side panel of the cab is integrally pressed with high intensity and safety. The middle-roof cab is 150mm  higher  than that of day cab; It is more commodious and comfortable suitable for long distance transportation.
Produce superiority
Maturity: MAN-L2000 cab and STEYR chassis ensure the excellent performance of the whole vehicle.
Reliability: SINOTRUK electric control EGR Eure Ⅲ engine and electric control common-rail Eure Ⅲ engine ,environment like heavy trucks.
Super :Every assembly is the best configuration in the internal like heavy trucks.
Economy: Frontal area of the cab is smaller than before optimum design for all the assembly of the chassis ,all can save fuel.
Economical and practical :The sale price of middle weight  vehicle for the heavy duty truck, multiple options can meet your individuation requirement. New seriation design and integrated main performance index  is of leading technology standard in domestic market.
金王子8*4搅拌车系列Golden Prince 8*4Concrete Mixer Series
Vehicle chassis model:ZZ1311N3261C
Internal model:ZZ1311N3261C/N1W
Cab:L2000 W
Engine mode:95E/95
Driving axle:M1279(ST16)
Front axle:JW07
Steering wheel:ZL80Z
Corresponding truck (van)vehicle
Vehicle model/tonnage/loading space length*side board height:ZZ1311N3261C/N1W /21.09/Chassis
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